November 22, 2018


The sector of the food industry is increasingly professionalized and oriented to the requirements of food safety and hygiene. An important link in the control of hazards in the food chain is the transport by road of goods and food products.

In TRUCK WASH EUROPA, S.L. we cover these needs. We carry out the cleaning and disinfection of the vehicles, fulfilling all the regulatory requirements, using approved products for the food industry and having a human team of professionals with the maximum training and education. All our disinfection are accompanied by an official certificate that accredits it.

In the cleaning and disinfection of exteriors and interiors of trucks, in TRUCK WASH EUROPA, S.L. we use only biocide products authorized for the food industry. Specifically, they are those that Annex V of Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012, and Article 1 of Royal Decree 830/2010 classifies as products of type 4 (TP4): Disinfectants for surfaces that are in contact with food and feed.

Companies that perform treatments with these biocidal products must meet the following requirements:

Be registered in the Official Register of Establishments and Biocidal Services (ROESB) of each Autonomous Community where it operates.

Comply with the training and training required by the legislation for the personnel Applicator of biocidal treatments and the Technical Managers of biocidal services, to exercise their functions.

Wash centers of TRUCK WASH EUROPA, S.L. they are authorized and registered in the ROESB.

All our personnel related to the application of biocidal products have the required regulatory training and we maintain a continuous training program that allows us to keep abreast of scientific and technical advances, promote occupational safety and good food safety and hygiene practices.

Our exterior and interior cleaning and disinfection processes are carried out with approved disinfectants for professional use (registered in the Official Registry of Biocides) and in accordance with the guidelines of Standard UNE 171210: 2008. After each performance we issue an official certificate that certifies the disinfection carried out and the products used.